Notes from WordCamp Buffalo 2014

10665415_584908078286248_1001668234_nThis past weekend (September 13th, to be exact) I spoke at WordCamp Buffalo again. I have a special relationship with Buffalo, and WordCamp Buffalo—I went to school at UB and helped organise the first WordCamp Buffalo—so it’s always a delight to revisit WNY and revisit my old haunts.

This year, I spoke about outsourcing your content marketing, and shared lessons from the content marketing process I’ve been building for Van Patten Media and BlastOff. I gave another version of this talk at WordCamp Maine, but this version should be considered the canonical version (the Maine version was hastily modified at the last minute to avoid replicating content that Elisa Doucette had shared in her content marketing talk, which you should also check out because it was great).

Without further ado… my slides are available on SpeakerDeck.

A few resources I mentioned:

Content Calendars


Documenting your processes

Monitoring your processes



Alin Marcu October 16, 2014

Are there any video recordings of this available? I wasn’t able to find anything …

Chris Van Patten October 16, 2014

I don’t believe the video is online yet, but as soon as it is I will update this post and reply here!