Last updated: early 2018


Over at Van Patten Media, we’re rebranding! We started a micro-agency last year called Tomodomo, and have decided to double down on that name and mission. We’re providing web tech solutions for publishers and online communities. I’m especially interested in the intersection between those areas: how can publishers “go beyond the paywall” and offer subscriptions and memberships that deliver more value than their content does alone?

If you’re a publisher interested in learning more about improving your website and backend tech, you should get in touch.

I’m participating in my pal Tim Conley’s Growthsetters coaching program, which focusses on goal-setting as a way to achieve growth. As a companion to this, I’ve started using Michael Hyatt’s Full Focus Planner. It’s not perfect, but has been a great anchor point for building a daily routine and focussing in on my goals and growth opportunities.


2017 was slow in terms of travel (only one notable trip, up to Canada for a few weeks to see Joel and Leah at The Family Knife and Montreal to visit my pals at Vanilla Forums). I’m hoping to increase that in 2018; I have vague plans to visit the west coast, the gulf coast, and potentially a third trip to Japan.


I’ve doubled down on personal growth in the past year, and hope to continue that, albeit in a more focussed way.

Healthwise, I’m maintaining a very loosely-held low-carb/ketogenic diet and attempting regular yoga or other exercise (I’ve fallen off the wagon a bit in the winter cold, but hope to get back on soon). I’m also more conscious about my sleep patterns, and aim to be in bed by 9 as many nights of the week as I can.


My current “themes” are discipline, consistency, and focus. As we grow Tomodomo in 2018, I want to avoid some of my mistakes from 2017 and improve the team’s ability to work without me.

I’m optimistic about the future, although the road here has been tough. So far, 2018 is on the right track; I’m excited to see where it goes (and keep you all updated here).