Upgrade WordPress websites in seconds (WordPress Secret Weapon #1)

The WordPress logo made with lightWelcome to a new series on my website about my favourite WordPress Secret Weapons. As a professional WordPress designer and developer I spend a lot of time working with WordPress, and have learned a lot of incredible tricks that will save you time and energy.

My first tip is how to upgrade WordPress smarter.

If you manage a lot of WordPress sites—as I do—you’ll find that keeping those sites up-to-date can be a tedious process. Between themes, plugins, and core updates, there’s a lot to deal with, and the problem gets worse as you get more and more sites. I used to find myself spending an hour every few days to make sure sites were upgraded, and more often than not I slacked off and left the upgrades for weeks at a time.

Fortunately, there’s a better way.

Enter WP Remote, an incredible free tool for managing WordPress installs. Here’s how it works.

Upgrade your sites with WP Remote

First, sign up for an account at wpremote.com. It’s free and easy.

Second, add a new site:

Add a new website to WP Remote to upgrade it faster

Next, install the plugin and set your API key:

Install WP Remote to upgrade your WordPress sites smarter

Finally, refresh the site in WP Remote to see your pending upgrades (or not):

Upgrade your WordPress sites with WP Remote

I am convinced that WP Remote is a tool that every WordPress website owner should use. It moves your WordPress upgrades into one convenient dashboard, so you can take care of everything at once. As someone who manages over 20 sites in WP Remote, the time I save is invaluable.

Even if you only handle a handful of sites, WP Remote is just as powerful. It’s fast, free, and easy—give it a try today. You won’t regret it!

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