TeuxDeux: simple, designy todo lists

TeuxDeux is the app of the week on Wrapp Up, the podcast about the apps and services I love. A simple “todo” list app, TeuxDeux is an attractive and easy way to keep track of the stuff you need to get done.

Simple, designy todo lists with TeuxDeux

I’ve used at least a dozen different todo list services: everything from pen and paper to complex multi-platform productivity managers. TeuxDeux is the first app I’ve stuck with—consistently—for more than a month.

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TeuxDeux: simple, designy todo lists: Transcription

Hello, everyone. Like the nice lady said, I am Chris Van Patten. This is Wrapp Up, the podcast where I tell you about the apps that I like to use. Today I’m going to feature an app that I use for productivity and just organizing my life. That app is TeuxDeux depending on how you want to pronounce it, Teuxdeux.com, TeuxDeux.

What TeuxDeux is is a very simple manager for your to-do list. If you’ve got things you need to do and hopefully you do, this is the app for you. Here’s why. It’s very simple. It’s very straightforward and very easy to use. A lot of to-do list apps out there, they range from really complex, really involved app where you can organize to-dos and you can color them. You can send them in over e-mail and this, that and the other thing and all sorts of features.

With those apps, you might get a little bit distracted and have more fun making your to-do list than actually doing the things on the to-do list. What I like about TeuxDeux is that it’s on the other side of that spectrum. It’s very simple. You can make list of things that you have to do. You can cross them off. There’s some rudimentary support for recurring  to-dos which I’ll go into in a moment. That’s it. There are no categories, none of that.

TeuxDeux’s unique selling point in a way is that that’s all they have. They’re very proud of that. If you look through their support docs, they have a little bit of an attitude in a fun way about that thing. Why don’t you have this feature? We don’t want that feature. You’re wrong to want it. That sort of thing.

It’s the Apple product or the product that Apple would make if they were going to make a to-do list app. It is a pay for app. It’s not free. It’s $2 a month if you pay yearly. They call that the Believer Plan. Then the Skeptic Plan if you want to pay monthly is $3 a month. Either way though, it’s very affordable and it’s so worth it.

When you’re using TeuxDeux, you don’t get bugged down by a list itself. Really the most organization that you have is that to-do list has an interface. It’s actually a series of columns for each day. If you want to do something today, you put it under today’s column. If you want to to do something in a couple of days, you put it under that day’s column. If you don’t finish something on a day like if I’ve got a couple of items in my to-do list today that I’m not going to finish, those will automatically be pushed to tomorrow. They’ll automatically keep rolling over like that.

In addition to those days, those day-based lists, you can also create custom lists that are not attached to time. They are your someday projects. I have a shopping list that I keep in there. I have a list of the projects that I’m working on so I can cross them off as I go. Just in general things that I’ll get to one of these days but I don’t want to assign to a specific day.

Like I said before, you can also do some rudimentary stuff with recording to-dos. There’s no drop down menu or anything like that. To set a recurring item, you just say for example, I want to meditate everyday. It will add that as a task every day on your calendar and say every week, every two weeks.

One thing that I don’t like and hopefully this is a simple thing I’ve e-mailed them about. You can’t do a task that is every other day. I have a couple of things that I need to do every other day. I just have to manually add those to my to-do list. Otherwise though, TeuxDeux is fantastic.

They have this little bit of an attitude. They’re based out of Brooklyn. They’re definitely the hipster option, or they’re going for that. You can tell by the spelling of their name: TeuxDeux. Their 404 page is a giant picture of Nutella… just fun little things like that that make it… a little bit fun.

Also, it’s very design-y. It’s actually their tagline. They are the “designy todo app”. Basically, that just means that it’s very pretty. It’s very nice to look at. Not that it really helps your productivity but it’s nice to know that they care about the app and wanted to look good.

Finally, there is an iPhone app available. The iPhone app is free. You only need to pay for your subscription which again is $2 a month if you pay yearly and $3 a month if you pay monthly. The iPhone app is great. It syncs up with your online version instantaneously. You can drag things between different days like you can on the desktop app. You can manage your someday lists. It’s all very straightforward and super easy.

I want to give a shout out to Joel Kelly who is my co-host on another podcast you should be listening to, Not a Real Job. Anyway, he’s the one who suggested TeuxDeux to me. I am eternally grateful because it’s the first to-do list app that I have consistently and reliably used for more than a couple of weeks.

There you go. That is TeuxDeux.com. Check them out. They give you a free trial for 30 days. Then if you like it or if you love it like I do, you can sign up for the very affordable price. One more thing that I just forgot, that I’m seeing here on my notes: they also have Markdown support. Yes, Markdown support. I’m a big Markdown nerd. I’ll probably do an episode about some of the Markdown-related apps that I use.

Markdown is basically a simple text formatting language; a simpler HTML… or if you’re familiar with BB code, it’s similar to that. They support that. You can do bold and italics and things in your TeuxDeux items. They don’t force any formatting on you. That’s your choice.

All right, everyone. This has been Wrapp Up Episode Two. I hope you give TeuxDeux a look: teuxdeux.com. Let me know if you like it. If you don’t, let me know what your alternative is because I’d be happy to give it a try and give it a little review here.

Once again, this has been Wrapp Up. You can find us at wrappup.com or twitter.com/thewrappup. Thanks so much. I’ve been Chris Van Patten. I’ll talk to you next week.

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  1. Love the TeuxDeux web app for all the reasons you stated, but the iPhone app is buggy. For instance, it only responds to my finger taps about 50% of the time. I’m also unable to create recurring tasks on the iPhone.

    1. Weekplan is fantastic, but very buggy from what I can gather from the blog and the feedback page – which is unfortunate, because it’s the best I’ve seen. So I’m going for its very close competitor and runner-up, TeuxDeux.

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