Sexy Style Sheets with Sass (and Compass)

Today at BarCamp Rochester I gave a talk outlining some of the awesome features of Sass and Compass (the style sheet preprocessor and the preeminent framework built for it, respectively) with lots of examples and lots of code.

The slides are online here (built with DeckJS). They discuss some basic Sass features and some additions Compass brings to the table as well.

Considering the fairly dense nature of the material and the speed I had to rush through them, I think the talk was fairly well received. If I could have another go (and I may soon) I would consider reformatting the presentation so it’s less “here’s a feature, here’s another feature, and yet another feature” but instead connects the features so you get a better sense of how they’re used in a workflow. Demonstrating the process of building of a page in realtime with Sass and Compass would be more fun and accomplish this, but it would have to be carefully scripted.

I left out three major things in the discussion (but touched briefly on one of them):

  1. Partials
  2. Sass vs. SCSS syntax
  3. Getting started (installation for Sass and for Compass)

I’ve linked to some resources above that will guide you to the right places for beginning your own exploration of those topics.

I had a great time at BarCamp Rochester, reconnecting with folks from the Rochester tech community and hanging out with friends from Buffalo. And the swag is awesome: I walked away with three new t-shirts (thanks BarCamp Rochester, Puppet Labs, and Stack Overflow!), many new stickers (thanks jQuery UI, Puppet Labs, and Stack Overflow!) and a killer beer stein (thanks Stack Overflow!).

I’m already looking forward to the next BarCamp, and hopefully we can get one running in Buffalo regularly again soon!

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