SendToGDocs: Get your email attachments into Google Docs

Ever get attachments you need to convert to a Google Doc? SendToGDocs is here to simplify that process, which is why it’s the Wrapp Up app of the week.

A screenshot of the SendToGDocs interface
A screenshot of the SendToGDocs interface

SendToGdocs provides you with a private email address; just forward your attachments on to that email address and it will do the dirty work for you. It can place the new files in a custom folder, convert them to the native Google Docs format (or not, if you’re just storing files), and it’s super fast and free.

Find this week’s audio and the written transcription below.


“SendToGDocs: convert attachments to Google Docs from your email” transcription

Hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, and welcome to Wrapp Up, the podcast where I, Chris Van Patten, am going to tell you about all the apps that I like. This week I want to talk about a service that’s a little more obscure than the other ones that I have mentioned thus far. It is called SendToGdocs. That’s SendToGdocs dot com, and what this service does is it makes it very easy to get files into Google Docs. I’m a big Google Docs … or, I guess, now Google Drive fan, and I use it for everything. I put all of my files in there. I have folders and I’m constantly sharing things and collaborating with others, so it’s a corner stone of my business, really, or at least my business filing. Frequently, from people who I haven’t worked with before or just aren’t quite as techno Internet savvy, they will send me, you know, files as a Word doc or a PowerPoint or an Excel spreadsheet and … it’s not a huge inconvenience, but it does take a little bit of time. I have to download it, wait for Microsoft Office to open up, and I would prefer just to be able to avoid that. Plus, I can’t use those files on the go, on my iPhone, you know, I can’t download a doc and open it up and deal with all that.

SendToGdocs makes it very easy to get those files that are in, you know, Word or PowerPoint or whatever format, to get them right into Google Drive. It does this, it’s completely free, and what they’ll do is they will generate you a unique e-mail address so, you know, something at SendToGdocs dot com. Then all you have to do is, when you get an attachment on a file or on an e-mail that is a file of some kind, you just forward that e-mail to this address. It will automatically pull out the attachment. It downloads it and then it puts it into Google Drive or Google Docs. It’s very convenient. It’s very fast. It takes less than a minute for most files, and what’s cool is that you can decide whether or not to actually convert the file. Google Drive now is not just, you know, the old Google Docs where you had your docs and they were in Google format, whatever. You can now just store regular files in there. What this conversion setting allows you to do is ultimately to decide whether you want the file to be stored in Google Docs in its doc format or docx or PowerPoint or whatever, or do you want it to be converted to the native Google Drive, Google Docs format so you can edit it inline at Google Docs. You can make changes and share it just like any other file that you create right in Google Docs. It’s really fantastic. It’s free.

Again, it’s in a beta right now, but I would say, you know, in my conversation with the developer, he doesn’t plan to charge any time soon. Definitely get on that. SendToGdocs dot com. One other thing, so that unique e-mail address that they generate can sometimes … you know, it’s a little tedious and hard to remember, so what I have done is I’ve actually created an e-mail forward, so “”. I’m not going to tell you what, but that way I can easily send to an e-mail address that I can remember a little bit easier, like maybe you’ll use “” or something like that. That’s easier to remember than the random name that they’ve generated.

All right. That was SendToGdocs. SendToGdocs dot com. Scott Woodall is the developer. He’s @Scott_Woodall on Twitter and has been very responsive and willing to discuss the app and that sort of thing.

I have been Chris Van Patten, and this has been Wrapp Up and I hope you will join me next week.

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