Audio transcriptions “revved up” with is an incredible services that makes it easy to get an audio transcription with minimal effort. They do all the transcribing for Wrapp Up, which is why they are this week’s App of the Week.

Audio transcriptions made easy with

At $1 per minute, is priced comparably with other audio transcription services. The difference with is that they are quick: in my experience their average turnaround is less than 5 hours. Plus, they are SO much more accurate than their competitors. They succeed where other audio transcription services fail: they accurately spell names, get technical details and domain names right, and more. They’re easily the best in this crowded category.

You’ll find this week’s audio and the powered audio transcription below.


“Rev up audio transcriptions with” transcription

Hi everyone, and welcome to Wrapp Up, the podcast, where I tell you about the apps that I like to use.  I am Chris Van Patten and I am here to share with you another app this week.  This week I am going to talk about Rev is actually a service I use to put together this podcast.  Rev helps with audio transcription.  Basically, you send them an audio file and they send you back a text document of what you said in that audio file.  It’s very fast.  It’s very quick and it’s painless.

The best part is that it’s affordable.  You only pay a $1 a minute for an audio transcription which is pretty much the industry standard rate these days but Rev’s unique proposition is that they have incredibly high accuracy.  They actually say they have 98% accuracy rating or better which is one of the highest precision rates in the audio transcription industry.  I have experienced this first hand.

I use Rev to transcribe this podcast.  If you actually visit out blog, you will see that you can sign in and see the text of a show instead of just the audio. I do this for SEO reasons and convenience reasons and other things like that, but it’s especially awesome because I talk about a lot of technical things.  I use a lot of URLs, and—every time—they get that transcription exactly right.

In the last episode for instance when I talked about Buffer, I referenced Joel Gascoigne who is one of the co-founders of Buffer, and they got the spelling of his name right—and he doesn’t have an easy name to spell.  They are really fantastic.  Again it’s a $1 a minute.  You can either upload them a file or give them a link and they take all kinds of formats.  They take wav and mp3 and mp4.  They take WebEx files.  You can get your web conference transcribed.  They are highly recommended.

They do have an iPhone app called the “Rev Voice Recorder” and it just lets you record in the app and then instantly click a button to initiate an audio transcription.  I found that transcriptions are usually very quick.  For this show, for Wrapp Up, I usually get the transcription back within about an hour or two. Granted they are 7 minutes, they are little shorter, but even for a longer transcriptions I found that they are very quick to get those turned in.

One complaint that I do have is that you get the audio transcription back in a Word file, so .doc or .docx. I have Microsoft Word, and I am able to open those, but I would prefer an option to either get a text file—just plain text—or the option to get that in HTML or included right in the e-mail so I could easily copy and paste it without having it download the attachment, open up the attachment in Microsoft Word, and all that kind of stuff.

They also do two-person audio transcription. Obviously for this podcast I am the only one, but if you are doing a joint podcast they do that just as well and they will note in your transcription who is person 1, who is person 2, etc. They have also the ability to get time codes added to your transcription. That’s a little bit extra—I believe 25 cents extra per minute—but they will tag your audio transcription with time codes. You can either get that synced up with a video or something like that.

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They also do other things like translation but I haven’t really tried that out (I haven’t had a need) but purely for their transcription services, I can’t recommend them enough.  They are accurate.  They are so quick to return things.  It’s so easy and it’s so affordable: $1 per minute to get an accurate word perfect audio transcription of what you are saying. is the absolute best.  That’s and I hope you give them a try and let me know what you think.

I am Chris Van Patten. This has been Wrapp Up.

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