I’ve been busy recently: making, writing, shooting, and speaking have all been on the agenda.

I spoke at WordCamp Toronto talk on customising the admin panel. It was well received, and I’ve decided to write an eBook based on the aforementioned talk. I promise it will be good.

As a precursor to the eBook, I started a series of screencasts showing off fun WordPress admin tweaks/features we’ve built. I hope seeing these features in action inspires others to tweak the admin panel too. There’s only one video uploaded right now, but I’ve made several and will be adding them in the coming weeks.

How I Booked It, my side distraction project, has had several great interviews recently. The incomprehensibly wonderful Susan Egan contributed, as have other talents like Donna Lynne Champlin, Marshall Pailet, and fellow UB alum Shannon Mullen. And that’s only a sampling; there are more interviews on the site, and more scheduled. I also wrote a post for the Van Patten Media blog documenting how we built How I Booked It that may appeal to technical readers.

Speaking of the Van Patten Media blog, I published a post today reviewing the wonderful book The Developer’s Code by Ka Wei Chung (creator of the DoneDone software we use). There’s also content by other authors worth checking out: Peter wrote a great post about the precautions we undertook to prepare our server for Hurricane Sandy.

All of this content being created elsewhere means that this blog is getting a bit neglected (not a single post in November… oops). I’m going to redouble my efforts though, and with luck December will reverse the trend. I have a lot going on and a lot to say. I’ll make sure to stop in more than usual.

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