Rapportive: Your Inbox Secret Agent

This week’s Wrapp Up app-of-the-moment is Rapportive, an awesome free tool for finding information about your contacts right in your Gmail inbox.

Rapportive is an inbox secret agent that gets you detailed profiles of your email contacts.
Rapportive is an inbox secret agent that shows you detailed profiles of your email contacts.

Rapportive (it’s sort of like “rapport” and “report”, get it?) is an indispensable part of my email inbox. It’s sort of an intelligent “mini-CRM” that helps you get acquainted with leads, stay updated with colleagues, and more.

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Rapportive: Your Inbox Secret Agent – Transcription

Hello everyone and welcome to another episode of Wrapp Up. It is a hot, sweaty, gross day here in New York City. Recording this about a week in advance, we hit 95ᴼ today and it’s the beginning of September. I hope wherever you are listening right now that you are more comfortable than I was today.

All right, so today we’re going to dive right in; quick one today. I want to talk about Rapportive, that’s R-A-P-P-O-R-T-I-V-E.com, Rapportive. What Rapportive does is it’s actually a g-mail plug-in. I’m going to talk about a lot of g-mail plug-ins in the coming weeks, but I wanted to start here because this is one of the granddaddies of the g-mail plug-ins.

Basically it’s a Chrome extension. You install it through your Chrome Web Store or on the Rapportive website. They also have Firefox and other different browsers available. But what Rapportive does is it provides intelligent contact information and details about people that you’re in conversations with. It replaces the side area of Google, of g-mail rather. It replaces that side that’s usually reserved for ads and some miscellaneous buttons and things. It puts in the Rapportive profile of your contacts.

It gives you a picture of your contact. It gives you their email address, where they’re located, if they have a LinkedIn profile, as well as other profiles that they can set in their own Rapportive. Basically how Rapportive works is it looks for that e-mail and then searches out on a bunch of social networks and figures out okay, where has this person registered accounts with this email before. It’s brilliant.

It’s a great way without evening leaving your Gmail client. You can see a person’s Twitter and see what they’ve tweeted lately. You can connect with them on LinkedIn instantly and all sorts of cool stuff like that. I can’t recommend it enough, because having that kind of information is very important when you’re working with a client. You might want to know what they’re up to, what kinds of things they’re working on, and then you can easily get that information from their social networks.

You can also add notes about people that you’re talking to. It’s sort of a simple CRM in that sense. But what’s even greater about this is that they have what are called rapplets. Rapplets you can install on to your Rapportive profile and they’re going to customize it. They’re going to let you get even more information. So out of the box they’re going to sort of Twitter, and Facebook and Linkedin and things, but you can also connect with MailChimp, Klout, Highrise, GitHub. All sorts of great options so you can get information from potential clients and leads and just people that you’re hanging out and talking to on the e-mail.

That’s Rapportive. It’s very basic, very simple, and I wanted to share it with you because you’ve got to have it. It’s one of the essential g-mail apps. All right, I’ve been Chris Van Patten. This has been as always the Wrapp Up.

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