Quick Suitcase Fusion 3 tip

I was working on a mockup today and got this message while in the process of activating a font in Suitcase Fusion 3, my font manager of choice (well, by necessity, but that’s another story):

Suitcase Fusion Client encountered an unexpected error. 83914764

Google lead me to a forum thread that discussed the issue, but I wasn’t too interested in accepting the thread’s “reinstall the program” advice so quickly.

After a bit of playing, I found a solution that was a lot more painless. No guarantees it will work for you, but it’s worth a shot!

Simply open your Suitcase Fusion 3 preferences (+comma), navigate to the Type Core tab, and click the Stop FMCore… button. That will kill FMCore (the process that handles type activation when Suitcase Fusion is closed) and Suitcase Fusion itself. Then just open Suitcase Fusion again to restart FMCore.

If your setup is anything like mine, you’ll be back in business, error-free!


Jody March 23, 2012 Reply


Worked like a charm!

Chris March 28, 2012 Reply


Thank you!

First google result was the same thread you referenced and I nearly reinstalled after reading it.

Second was yours and i’m glad I didn’t, it worked fine for me too.

Out of interest is the ‘necessity’ the way OS X handles Helvetica Neue now… if so, for me too!

Thanks again,


Chris March 28, 2012 Reply

‘Necessity’ is that it’s the only OS X font manager with working auto-activation… the interface is dated and it’s generally cludgy to work with, but it works.

Susie April 2, 2012 Reply

I LOVE YOU!!! i can’t believe it, as usual ON A hard deadline, choking up & almost freaking out about the inability to get a font to activate, i also happened to notice that other fonts weren’t activating as well, when i looked in PS CS5 type menu, most of them were off. I saw the Suitcase Fusion Board and really other than some saying that they reinstalled i couldn’t believe no other solution was listed! even though it had been visited by SF staff. I couldn’t just let it go, so i saw your post via Google, and it worked like magic! It of course makes perfect sense now. And i noticed that SF3 no longer has the core accessed via the System Prefs, i have no idea if the new (seemingly new) location for the core is more ideal or not, but what you said, about stopping the core and then restarting SF fixed the problem … Thank you a MILLION … okay i guess i gotta get back to work.. ! -s-

TimR February 4, 2015 Reply

Most excellent. Thank you.

Kk April 13, 2015 Reply


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