On Halifax

A recurring theme throughout the weekend was that “Halifax is a great place to visit, but not live.”

Although I’ve only spent a few days here (okay, less than that… to be honest…) I have to say it’s patently false.

I may live in what is known as the “greatest city in the world” (New York, for those keeping score at home), but…

I can only wish that my neighbourhood had a newsagent with the same broad selection of newspapers and magazines as Atlantic News.

The idea of a tea shop in my neighbourhood with knowledgable customer service and a friendly atmosphere like the World Tea House remains just a dream.

And the cozy, warm, fun atmosphere of The Foggy Goggle? There are some contenders, but certainly few who would close for a loyal customer’s private wedding party on a Saturday night.

As I travel the world, I hear from a lot of jealous folks who wish they could have the full New York experience. But for me, the opposite is true.

New York is great in so many ways, but when it comes to personality, intimacy, and personability, small cities—like my beloved Buffalo, Providence, and yes, even Halifax—take the cake.

Published by Chris Van Patten

I'm an entrepreneur and product lead, and owner of Tomodomo, through which I help companies build their digital publishing platform.

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