This week on Wrapp Up, my pal Dennis Gaebel joins me to share his Wrapp Up pick, Frank DeLoupe.

FrankDe Loupe, an awesome colour picker for Mac OS X users
Frank DeLoupe, an awesome colour picker for Mac OS X users

Frank DeLoupe (Frank, for short) is really nifty: it lets you easily pick out colours from anywhere on your screen, and instantly copy the colour code (hex, rgb, hsl, etc) to your clipboard. It can also link up with Photoshop so any colour you select is instantly copied to your clipboard. Neat stuff.

Frank is around $0.99 cents on the app store (0.89€, to be specific). It’s a no brainer.

Learn more about Frank by listening to the audio or reading the transcript of this week’s show.

Cool colour picking with Frank DeLoupe — Audio player


Cool colour picking with Frank DeLoupe — Transcription

Chris: Hello everybody out there in internet land. I am Chris Van Patten, as the nice lady said and as always, this is Wrapp Up, just a podcast about the apps and web services and tools that I love to use. This week, we’re doing something a little bit different, I hope will be a regular feature in the future and that is asking somebody else about favourite app of theirs, something that is part of their work flow that they love and they used and they want to talk about.

Our first guest in this new Wrapp Up format is my pal, Dennis Gaebel. Dennis and I met in Buffalo and hung out doing front-end meet-ups. Dennis is a front-end developer and designer. He is going to share with us an app today. Welcome to the show Dennis.

Dennis: Thanks for having me Chris.

Chris: Of course.

Dennis: Always a pleasure to talk to you, I must say.

Chris: Yes, for sure. We haven’t been in the same room recently. No, that’s not true. We were together at WordPress and hung out a little bit.

Dennis: Okay.

Chris: At WordCamp Buffalo.

Dennis: Good old WordCamp Buffalo.

Chris: Yes. All right, so why don’t you tell us what app you chose and why you love it?

Dennis: Okay, so today I’m choosing the app called Frank DeLoupe by Jumpzero. It’s at It is a color picker. It’s really really simple for what it does. It just picks colors. I can use a quick key command for myself. I have it set up differently between my desktop and my laptop. I think on my laptop, it is set up for something like option F for Frank. What it does is it pops up just like a magnifying glass. I can zoom in pixel for pixel on the colors that I’m after.

Sometimes I like to grab a color from the web. If I’m in a service for instance like Code Pen and just want some quick colors from maybe like the browser Chrome. Who knows? I just get silly like that sometimes. Or I’ll just start mocking the colors from the code editor that I’m in. I’ll take Frank and I will zoom in on a portion of that, grab that color.
The neat thing with Frank is that it gives me some different outputs for those color values. I can do… I can do RGB. I can do RGBA. If you have Photoshop open, it connects instantly with Photoshop. Let’s say, for instance, you were to pick a color from some site that you’re on that you really like. You grab that color. It’ll instantly plug that into Photoshop. Pretty neat.

Chris: That’s very nifty. What platforms is Frank DeLoupe available for?

Dennis: Looking at the site we’re in now, I believe it’s only OS X so Windows folks…

Chris: Mac users only.

Dennis: Yeah, Mac users only.

Chris: Those Windows folks always losing out on the cool stuff.

Dennis: They always are.

Chris: But yeah, this is great. I encountered this problem all the time or have a color that I need to pick and more often not, I am the kind of person who will grab a quick screenshot and then open it in Photoshop. If I don’t have Photoshop open, I’m waiting a couple minutes for that to load so I can actually use the eye dropper to pick the color, but this is cool. Because it’s system-wide.

Dennis: Yup, exactly. It’s also got some other neat features like I don’t use it too much but it’s got a color wheel that you can pop up. You can probably, I guess, and just kind of pull around the dot that’s within that wheel and go to your color that you’re looking for, kind of get a visual reference and then take Frank and immediately plug into the actual block that’s giving out that color, pick it up and then be on your way with it.

Chris: It’s fantastic. So that is Frank DeLoupe. That is at Anything else you want to share Dennis? Pimp any projects?

Dennis: Pimp any projects, well right now I’m working on Time Plate as usual which is probably I guess consider my open source baby. That is a typographic starter kit. People can read more about it on Smashing Magazine. There’s also the effeckt project. I only help out here and there a little bit. It’s a performer animations library that’s getting a lot of attention on GitHub, encourage people to come over to the repo. It’s effeckt.css. Look up in the search bar in GitHub.

Chris: That’s effect with a K, right?

Dennis: Yeah, sorry that’s E-F-F-E-C-K-T.

Chris: Got it.

Dennis: You can blame Paul Irish for naming that.

Chris: Always blame Paul Irish.

Dennis: Magnum PI.

Chris: All right, fantastic. Thanks so much for coming on the show Dennis.

Dennis: Chris, it’s a pleasure. Thank you for having me.

Chris: Until next time, this has been the Wrapp Up.

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