Hide tweets without unfollowing using Open Tweet Filter

Screenshot of Open Tweet Filter: a free extension that lets you hide tweets without unfollowing users
Hide tweets without unfollowing users with Open Tweet Filter
Here’s a quick tip for Twitter web users. Have some annoying hashtags in your timeline? Want to hide tweets without unfollowing a user? I’ve got the extension for you.

Check out Open Tweet Filter for Chrome, a totally free and open source extension that lets you selectively hide tweets without unfollowing other users. You can add filters based on users or keywords, and they’ll be instantly hidden from your timeline. TV spoilers: begone.

I’ve posted a video walkthrough of this awesome extension on YouTube, and it’s embedded below. Check it out, and banish tweets—without unfollowing—forever.

It’s also worth noting that Open Tweet Filter is also available for Firefox (version 15+) and Safari. You can find those downloads here.

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