My favourite shared host: Dreamhost!

In this week’s episode of the Wrapp Up, I walk you through why I love Dreamhost (warning: affiliate link!) and have named it my “favourite shared host”.

Dreamhost, my favourite low-budget shared host
Dreamhost, my favourite low-budget shared host

Dreamhost is awesome for a lot of reasons, like their affordable pricing ($8.95 a month), awesome control panel (it isn’t CPanel!), shell and SFTP access with no questions asked, and many more. It’s affordable and packed with features.

You can sign up for a Dreamhost account here (or here if you prefer a non-referral link).

As always, you’ll find audio and the transcription below.

Update: My pal Keith Knoer reminded me on Twitter that Dreamhost is more than just a shared host:

I’ve only ever used their shared offerings, which is why I forgot to mention this. It is true though: Dreamhost also offers VPSs, managed WordPress hosting, and dedicated servers. (We’ll cover my favourite VPS hosts in future episodes.)

Also: I’ve set up a coupon code for listeners! Get $20 off a one year plan with Dreamhost using the code WRAPPUP20.

My favourite shared host: Dreamhost! — Audio player


My favourite shared host: Dreamhost! — Transcription

Hi, everyone. So today I wanted to talk about something a little different. We’ve mainly focused on consumer apps and things like that up until this point. But I wanted to talk a little bit about web hosts. So as a digital entrepreneur, and I expect you’re a digital sort of person, too, if you’re listening to this podcast, you probably have a website, or you’ve been thinking about building a website, or been in brainstorm mode trying to figure out what website you want to build. But there will come a point in that process where you’re going to need to pick a web host. Now there are tons out there. There are so many, and I could go into detail talking about tons of them that I’ve used in my nearly a decade on the web. But the one that I’m going to focus on today is called DreamHost. I love DreamHost. I’ve actually, I’ve used it now going on seven years. I’ve had an active DreamHost account, and I can’t recommend them highly enough. 

Now just a quick disclaimer before we get further. If you’re a very technical person, or if you’re expecting a lot of demand on your site, more than your average site, or if you need certain server-level configurations, DreamHost is wrong for you. Because DreamHost—and you probably know that already, in fairness—but this is because DreamHost is a shared host. And what that means is that your website is not on its own server, and it’s not on a virtual server. It’s on a server that’s shared with other websites from other customers of DreamHost.

This is the most common kind of host. You’ve got BlueHost, and HostGator, and GoDaddy… lots of shared hosts. But I choose DreamHost for a few reasons.

First is that you have unlimited everything. Now technically, it’s not unlimited. They do meter you if you hit certain parameters. But for all intents and purposes, unless you’re in a crazy situation where your site overnight becomes a huge sensation, you’re probably not going to run into their limits. And those limits apply to band width and storage space. So that’s the first reason, that unlimited. You don’t have to worry about “am I going to hit my quota this month?” because the quotas are not really there. So that’s the first reason.

The second reason is that it’s so easy to use. Now there are a lot of other providers out there, BlueHost, HostGator. These providers use CPanel, or their own variation, their own modified version of CPanel. And CPanel’s a product that lets you manage your website without knowing any code, or anything like that. DreamHost doesn’t use CPanel. They have their own panel, but it’s infinitely better than CPanel, because it lets you do more, lets you configure more. If you’re going to be working with a web developer, they’re probably going to be happier not using C panel, because CPanel tends to be kind of a miserable experience. So for that reason, that’s reason number two that I recommend DreamHost.

Reason number three is getting a little more technical, but sort of related to that panel. They let you do so much more on your sites that other providers won’t let you. Secure FTP, SFTP, that’s not exactly the acronym, but you get the idea. SFTP lets you do file transfers totally securely, so you don’t have to worry about anyone stealing your information. They support it out of the box, no questions asked. Other hosts you have to go through a process of getting approval, and this, that, and the other thing. Not with DreamHost. So I love that. If you are somebody who’s got a little command line savvy, DreamHost actually let’s you use a command line, which is awesome, because for me I work so much faster on the command line. We’ll probably get into command line apps later on in the process of wrap up.

So those are my main three reasons. It’s more powerful. You have unlimited resources, virtually unlimited resources. And they have an awesome, awesome panel. I guess I’d add a fourth to that, and it’s that DreamHost has incredible customer service. So most of their service is through online chat or e-mail. I know some other providers, I know GoDaddy has great phone support. But the DreamHost team is incredibly knowledgeable. And they’re willing to go into your site and try to figure out what went wrong and help you understand the problem and solve it really quickly. So great support and all these other reasons are why I totally recommend DreamHost.

If you’re interested in trying DreamHost out, or if you have a specific question, like, “Can it do this?”, hit up the link in this podcast, or visit the show notes. I’m happy to answer questions there. And you can sign up to DreamHost with the, just go to the link That is a referral link. Total disclosure there. It’s going to send me some cash. But that’s what keeps this podcast up and running. I think those are all the major points that I wanted to hit on. Give DreamHost a try. If you don’t love it, I’ll be shocked. Let me know if you have any questions, as always in the show notes. You can find us on Twitter @TheWrappUp.

Thanks so much, and I’ll talk to you next week.

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