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In this episode of Wrapp Up (the inaugural episode!), I discuss my favorite domain name registrar (non-referral link). They’re an excellent, affordable place to store your domains.

Domain name provider - affordable, easy, and awesome!
Domain name provider – affordable, easy, and awesome! is one of the web services I’ve used forever, and I have easily 40-50 domains stored with them. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

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Domain names made easy with – Transcript

Hi everyone.  Chris Van Patten here. Today I want to talk about a web service that I use.  This web service is a core part of my business and I rely on them, well, for domain names.  This company is  Just what it sounds like, and they do domain names.  That’s their primary business.  They also do hosting and some other things but I use them primarily for their domain names.

Now, what I like about is that they’re very open and very honest and very truthful with their customers and that’s something you don’t really see a company committing to a lot.  They provide incredible support on their Twitter account on, dot written out.  They also have a really great content and marketing strategy there.  They have all sorts of cool websites and apps and things that they’ve built.  I just think that’s cool but that’s a little bit of a sidebar.  Anyway, I think their pricing is very reasonable.  You’re paying about $10.99 for a domain name and there are always promo codes available so be sure to search before you buy.

They don’t include Private Whois which is something that many other providers do.  In a lot of cases those other providers roll that Private Whois into the price of your domain and then raise the rate a little bit.  You are paying more like $16 or something for a domain name with Private Whois. doesn’t do that.  They offer the Private Whois separately so if you don’t want it you don’t have to pay for it and they can keep their prices down.  Now that said, there are promo codes floating around.  I won’t say what they are.  They are kept relatively quiet. There are ways to get free Private Whois without paying for it, obviously.

Another thing I like about is that they have a really easy-to-use administration panel.  It’s very powerful in what it can do.

What I do in particular is for my business is we have a master account with domain names and then a lot of the times our clients ask us to buy their domain names for them just because it is more convenient for them.  I still don’t want to have to administrate those domain names or I don’t want to have to handle the billing. Billing is kind of a pain for domain names.  I can create with our master Van Patten Media account sub-accounts.  I can register a domain name under my account and then move it over to a sub-account and give the client access to that account so they can log in and handle their own billing and everything like that.  I can still log in anytime as well.  I can go through my master account and click in to log in as a sub-account which is really useful.

It is a great way that I can still manage domain names and handle the DNS and all that kind of stuff while the clients can easily pay for the billing. Another thing I like about is that they aren’t just domain names.  They also offer hosting services, SSL certificates, things like that so you can do more than just your domain names.  Now, I haven’t used their hosting services yet.  I run my own managed hosting platform through Van Patten Media but they have very reasonable prices.  Actually a new neat service that they launched is called RapidPress. RapidPress lets you create a WordPress instance at WordPress website.  We don’t get FTP access or things like that but it is all tightly managed and specific to WordPress and it is a great way for beginners to get started.

There you have it.  That’s  I highly recommend checking them out and if you’d like you can use my referral link.  That’s  That will take you to with my referral code in there.  If you don’t want to, of course, it is easy to remember  Just go straight there and start using them.  They are really a fantastic service, really great people, excellent support, great prices and I can’t highly recommend them enough. All right, thanks for tuning in and listening.  I’ll be back next week with more.  Have a good weekend.

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