Collins Cuts Culture… Continued

As I listen to Colin Dabkowski speak with Lorraine O’Donnell on WECK1230 (disclosure: WECK is a partner of my client WNYMedia), more thoughts are running through my head regarding the Collins culture cuts.

This is sort of stream-of-concious, seat-of-my-pants blogging, so bear with me.

This debacle makes it absolutely clear why audience analytics are so important. If you can’t pull out – at the drop of a hat – clear and concise statistics about your audience (where they are, who they are, what they’re spending) then why should you deserve funding? The GBCA (more on them in a sec) has thrown around a “2.5 million” number quite a bit this week, but what the heck is it based on? And 2.5 million who? Where are they from? What percent of that 2.5mil are the “cultural tourists” that Collins is so bent on attracting?

Complaining further about that 2.5million number, that only accounts for GBCA member organizations. And who are those organizations? I certainly have no idea. There’s no website with an easy list. And speaking of the GBCA, who’s in charge? I want a face to go with the acronym. I want someone to seize control of this issue and become the public representative of the arts in the fight.

In the interview I linked to above, Lorraine asked Colin what we should do to show our support or to help the cause. It seems like the only option now is write letters, call Collins’ office, etc. But with no central authority (like the GBCA) giving direction and organizing the cultural community, this situation is fraught.

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