Automate your digital life with IFTTT (If This Then That)

Find yourself doing simple tasks constantly? Want to save yourself time and remove tedious tasks from your day-to-day routine? You can try hiring a virtual assistant, but a cheaper (free!) and easier solution might be to try out IFTTT (If This Then That) a web service that helps you automate your digital life. I love […]

SendToGDocs: Get your email attachments into Google Docs

Ever get attachments you need to convert to a Google Doc? SendToGDocs is here to simplify that process, which is why it’s the Wrapp Up app of the week. SendToGdocs provides you with a private email address; just forward your attachments on to that email address and it will do the dirty work for you. […]

Audio transcriptions “revved up” with is an incredible services that makes it easy to get an audio transcription with minimal effort. They do all the transcribing for Wrapp Up, which is why they are this week’s App of the Week. At $1 per minute, is priced comparably with other audio transcription services. The difference with is that […]

Buffer: simplify your social media sharing

Buffer, the app of the week on Wrapp Up, is my favourite tool for sharing links and posts on social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Buffer makes sharing easy by automating the actual posting. You just put links (or text or images) into Buffer, and it will automatically post them for you […]