Collaborative writing and editing is better with Draft – WU14

This week on Wrapp Up I’m joined by my pal Lucas Cherkewski, a talented young designer/developer from Canada. Lucas shares Draft, a platform for writing, editing, and collaborating on words.

Better writing and collaborating with Draft, a free online writing tool
Better writing and collaborating with Draft, a free online writing tool

Draft is minimalist and easy to use, and lets you write articles (using the Markdown writing format), share them with your peers, and solicit their feedback in a safe, non-destructible way. Draft stores revisions of your work as you go, so you can easily revert to earlier versions. Draft also has built in writing reports, transcription support, and the ability to “ask a pro” for editing help/advice for a nominal fee. Draft is built by Nathan Kontny.

As always, you can find more information on this app (and this week’s audio) by clicking here.

3 Scientific Tips for Better Sleep

This sleepy cat gets better sleep than you
Jealous of this sleepy cat? Read the three science-based tips for better sleep below!
I’ve written before about my love of mornings. Early, productive mornings are one of the best tools in my arsenal. When I’m up early, more gets done, and it gets done faster.

Good mornings require good sleep, and good sleep requires getting to bed on time so you can get enough of it. Sometimes though, getting to sleep can be tough, which is why I have three strategies that help me develop better sleep habits, so I can nod off faster and earlier. These are all backed by science (and I’ve linked to sources throughout the article) so you know they’re good!

Learn my three tricks for better sleep…

Awesome email lists with MailChimp and Mandrill – WU13

Entrepreneurs and small business owners, like myself, frequently need to manage email lists and send out marketing or promotional emails to clients and potential customers. There are dozens of email marketing tools out there, but my favourite is MailChimp.

MailChimp, free email marketing software
There’s a lot to love about MailChimp, a free and easy email marketing tool

MailChimp lets you easily manage and send beautifully designed, well performing marketing emails. You can generate emails automatically from RSS feeds, A/B test different emails, auto-schedule emails, and much, much more. MailChimp powers (almost) all the email tools on this site and most of my side projects and client websites. Plans are cheap (they start at free!) and the service is one of my favourites.

In the episode, I also briefly touch on Mandrill, a companion to MailChimp that’s focused on sending out transactional emails. It’s a cool app in its own right, and integrates tightly with MailChimp which is especially awesome. If you’re already an avid MailChimp user, Mandrill is likely a much better choice than Amazon SES, Postmark, Sendgrid, and the like.

Listen to the audio and read the transcript to learn more about MailChimp.

Cool colour picking with Frank DeLoupe – WU12

This week on Wrapp Up, my pal Dennis Gaebel joins me to share his Wrapp Up pick, Frank DeLoupe.

FrankDe Loupe, an awesome colour picker for Mac OS X users
Frank DeLoupe, an awesome colour picker for Mac OS X users

Frank DeLoupe (Frank, for short) is really nifty: it lets you easily pick out colours from anywhere on your screen, and instantly copy the colour code (hex, rgb, hsl, etc) to your clipboard. It can also link up with Photoshop so any colour you select is instantly copied to your clipboard. Neat stuff.

Frank is around $0.99 cents on the app store (0.89€, to be specific). It’s a no brainer.

Learn more about Frank by listening to the audio or reading the transcript of this week’s show.

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