Collaborative writing and editing is better with Draft – WU14

This week on Wrapp Up I’m joined by my pal Lucas Cherkewski, a talented young designer/developer from Canada. Lucas shares Draft, a platform for writing, editing, and collaborating on words. Draft is minimalist and easy to use, and lets you write articles (using the Markdown writing format), share them with your peers, and solicit their […]

Awesome email lists with MailChimp and Mandrill – WU13

Entrepreneurs and small business owners, like myself, frequently need to manage email lists and send out marketing or promotional emails to clients and potential customers. There are dozens of email marketing tools out there, but my favourite is MailChimp. MailChimp lets you easily manage and send beautifully designed, well performing marketing emails. You can generate […]

Cool colour picking with Frank DeLoupe – WU12

This week on Wrapp Up, my pal Dennis Gaebel joins me to share his Wrapp Up pick, Frank DeLoupe. Frank DeLoupe (Frank, for short) is really nifty: it lets you easily pick out colours from anywhere on your screen, and instantly copy the colour code (hex, rgb, hsl, etc) to your clipboard. It can also […]