Come to “The Bluest Ink” on August 26th


On occasion, I produce theatre. I love being connected with the theatre community, and I particularly love helping to create new theatrical experiences.

My next project is a fantastic new show called The Bluest Ink. It’s an exploration of the music of famed composer Stephen Sondheim from a “2013”/”millennial” perspective. There are brand new arrangements, animations, and more. It’s going to be really special.

I’d love for my NYC-area readers to join us on Monday, August 26th at 10pm at (le) poisson rouge. You can buy tickets at the LPR website. You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Let me know if you’re planning on being there, and be sure to say hello!

I’m a director directing directly

So the “semester of directing” I alluded to in my last post has come to fruition! I’ll be directing Gary Sunshine’s short play AL TAKES A BRIDE this coming spring at the University at Buffalo. The production goes up April 2nd. Exciting stuff!

I’m also participating in the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival’s Region 2 Student Directing Institute. I choose a short scene (I chose the end of Act Two in UNCLE VANYA) and get four days to cast, rehearse, and stage the scene for presentation on the fourth day. There are various workshops and classes interspersed throughout, and it’s a thrilling chance to discover my strengths and weaknesses as a director in a compact period of time.

So that’s the semester o’ directing that lies ahead. Now to line up a summer o’ directing…


I’m preparing for what (hopefully) turns into a semester of directing. Very excited about the prospect.

I’m currently scoping out short plays, and have checked out 11 editions of the crucial “Best American Short Plays” series from our library at school. While I scope out the plays in here, I thought I’d also put the question to the web… anyone have ideas on short (sub-45 minute) plays that are good for a collegiate environment?