The Chris Van Patten East Coast Tour

Hey there loyal fans (all dozen of you) – I just wanted to share a quick update on my forthcoming travel schedule! Over the next few months I’ll be wandering up and down the east coast speaking at various meetups, conferences, etc. Two in particular that are coming up quickly: On Tuesday, May 27, I’ll […]

So You Want to Launch a Plugin/Theme? – WordSesh 2013

Developing and launching a plugin or theme involves more than just code, as I discussed in my talk for WordSesh 2013. In fact, there’s a whole lot involved: support, maintenance, licensing, and all sorts of other fun as well. The slides for the talk, as well as a list of resources, are available below. I’ll […]

Chris speaks at WordSesh: Saturday Dec. 7 at 8am EST (13:00 UTC)

I know what you’re thinking. “Chris. I would love to see you give a conference talk, but I don’t want to leave my bed or have to put pants on.” Unfortunately for you, I don’t make house calls, so the best I can offer is WordSesh, a totally online/virtual conference taking place this Saturday, December […]

Building Themes and Plugins: Everything But Code

I was lucky enough to return to Buffalo (my college haunt and adopted hometown) this weekend for this year’s WordCamp Buffalo. I was a member of the organisation team in last year’s WordCamp Buffalo (the inaugural WordCamp in Buffalo) and was honoured to be asked back to give a talk. My talk was “Building Themes […]