Hello, my name is… Content Marketing

Content marketing is a nebulous topic. In a talk I gave tonight at the Houston WordPress Meetup, I discussed what content marketing is, how it’s actually nothing new, what makes great content, and how to develop (and refine) your own content marketing process. Thanks to the Houston WordPress Meetup group for hosting me. I appreciate […]

I thought I knew everything about digital marketing, and then I listened to this…

Forgive the Upworthy-esque headline, but I wanted to get your attention. As you may know, I co-host a podcast called Not a Real Job with my friend Joel Kelly. Here’s how we describe the show in iTunes: Not a Real Job is a better kind of marketing podcast. It’s actually fun. And funny. And useful. […]

Giveaway: subscriptions to Not a Real Job

Hi loyal readers! As you may or may not know, my good friend Joel Kelly and I host a podcast called Not a Real Job. The show is about social media, digital marketing, entrepreneurship, and other assorted topics. It’s short—only about 20 minutes a week—and we think it’s pretty darn entertaining (our audio editor seems […]

What do social media consultants do, and should I hire one?

A common question I hear from clients and random folks looking to build their business online is “what do social media consultants do?” And more frequently, that’s coupled with another question: “should I hire one?” My answer? It depends. What are you trying to do? Build sales? Handle customer service? Build a community around a […]