Track podcast downloads as Google Analytics events with this free PHP script

As regular readers of this website know, I host a few podcasts, including Wrapp Up (a podcast about awesome apps) and Not a Real Job (a podcast about digital marketing). While we get great subscriber stats through FeedPress and great website analytics through Google Analytics there was still no single place to see how many […]

I thought I knew everything about digital marketing, and then I listened to this…

Forgive the Upworthy-esque headline, but I wanted to get your attention. As you may know, I co-host a podcast called Not a Real Job with my friend Joel Kelly. Here’s how we describe the show in iTunes: Not a Real Job is a better kind of marketing podcast. It’s actually fun. And funny. And useful. […]

Come to “The Bluest Ink” on August 26th

On occasion, I produce theatre. I love being connected with the theatre community, and I particularly love helping to create new theatrical experiences. My next project is a fantastic new show called The Bluest Ink. It’s an exploration of the music of famed composer Stephen Sondheim from a “2013”/”millennial” perspective. There are brand new arrangements, […]