How Alitalia Misled Me (Or: Economy Plus Is Not What You Think)

As problems go, this is a relatively small one. I want to lead with that, lest you think I’m being overdramatic. Don’t worry, I know that the world has bigger fish to fry. That said, for a certain segment of the population, this could still be a problem, and thus it’s one I want to […]

Let’s talk about burnout

As a solo entrepreneur, burnout is easily among the most frustrating problems you can face. Unfortunately, I face it pretty regularly. When you’re the only full-time person at your business, it’s a major issue. You’ll find your projects falling behind. You’ll realise you don’t have passion for personal or side projects. And there’s often no-one […]

3 life tips for digital entrepreneurs

Short and sweet: Limit your time in front of glowing screens. And if you have to be in front of glowing screens—especially at night—use F.lux and low screen brightness levels. You’ll help your eyes, and make screen time more productive. Read more. Read business books, biographies, fantasy novels, hard-boiled crime thrillers. Read how-to guides, political […]