Secure your Internet connection with the Cloak VPN – WU18

In this age of Snowdens and NSA spying, you might be spending more time thinking about your privacy online. Unfortunately, public wifi—which many of us rely on every day—can be a huge opportunity for hackers and spies to grab your data and use it for nefarious purposes. That’s where Cloak comes in. Cloak is a […]

Track podcast downloads as Google Analytics events with this free PHP script

As regular readers of this website know, I host a few podcasts, including Wrapp Up (a podcast about awesome apps) and Not a Real Job (a podcast about digital marketing). While we get great subscriber stats through FeedPress and great website analytics through Google Analytics there was still no single place to see how many […]

Keep your photos safe with Loom – WU17

The late, lamented EverPix was a fantastic service for keeping a “cloud-based” backup of all your photos from all your devices. When it shut down, many users were left scrambling for alternatives. That’s where Loom, a freemium photo storage application, comes in. Loom works similarly to EverPix. You install client applications on your various devices […]

Keep your files safe and accessible with Dropbox – WU16

As a digital nomad and web entrepreneur, I have a lot of files floating around that I need continuous access to. Bank statements, invoices, legal documents, and more. Whenever possible, I try to be completely paperless, and Dropbox, the free online file storage app, makes it possible. By this point, Dropbox is admittedly ubiquitous, and […]