Sexy Style Sheets with Sass (and Compass)

Today at BarCamp Rochester I gave a talk outlining some of the awesome features of Sass and Compass (the style sheet preprocessor and the preeminent framework built for it, respectively) with lots of examples and lots of code. The slides are online here (built with DeckJS). They discuss some basic Sass features and some additions […]

Local WordPress Development Dilemma

My current web development workflow is a little sloppy, I admit. Traditionally, you have four stages: dev, QA, staging, and production. My workflow completely eliminates one of those stages (QA) and combines two (dev and staging are just one stage for me). And–the pièce de résistance–I don’t keep my combined dev/staging setup on my local […]

Comma-separated tagging in the Delicious Chrome extension

Do you use the Delicious extension for Google Chrome? I am (still, 6 years later) a Delicious-lover, but the Chrome extension has been–admittedly–neglected while the team builds up other elements of the service to modern standards. The current plugin is a rebuild of the previous plugin that works with current APIs, but still has a […]