Hello, my name is… Content Marketing

Content marketing is a nebulous topic. In a talk I gave tonight at the Houston WordPress Meetup, I discussed what content marketing is, how it’s actually nothing new, what makes great content, and how to develop (and refine) your own content marketing process. Thanks to the Houston WordPress Meetup group for hosting me. I appreciate […]

Let’s talk about burnout

As a solo entrepreneur, burnout is easily among the most frustrating problems you can face. Unfortunately, I face it pretty regularly. When you’re the only full-time person at your business, it’s a major issue. You’ll find your projects falling behind. You’ll realise you don’t have passion for personal or side projects. And there’s often no-one […]

Broadway’s “Piracy Problem”

Over the last few weeks, there has been a bit of a discussion brewing about “piracy” within the musical theatre/Broadway community. It’s primarily centred around sheet music and cast album sales, two of the most tangible products for composers, actors, and musicians. EDIT: Hey, you! Reader! After you get through reading this post, make sure […]