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Buffer, the app of the week on Wrapp Up, is my favourite tool for sharing links and posts on social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and App.net. Buffer makes sharing easy by automating the actual posting. You just put links (or text or images) into Buffer, and it will automatically post them for you on a preset schedule.

Awesome social media scheduling with Buffer

As of a few weeks ago, Buffer also supports completely custom scheduling. In addition to posting things from your “post buffer”, you can designate certain posts to be scheduled at a specific time.

Note: in the podcast, I accidentally said Buffer was “@BufferApp” on Twitter. In reality, they’re @Buffer. Oops!

As usual, a full transcript and the audio for “Buffer: Simplify your social media sharing” follow!


“Buffer: Simplify your social media sharing” Transcript

Hi everyone. Chris Van Patten here and we’re back for another episode of Wrapp Up, a podcast where I tell you about the apps and tools and digital goodies that I like to use to be more productive.

Today, I’m going to look at an application called Buffer, bufferapp.com. What Buffer is is basically a way for you to slow drip content to your social networks. What do I mean by that? Basically, when you sign up for Buffer you set up a certain number of times that you want something to be posted throughout the day and what days of the weeks. You’re setting the days of the week, the time and how many posts you want to go out during the day at those times.

What Buffer lets you do is then share links to the apps. You send links to the apps, you can actually send photos or just plain old text. As those time take by, the ones that you set before it will post that article or that text or that photo. Basically, what this means is that for instance, I have five times setup from Monday to Friday on my Buffer account and then every time I read something interesting or a cool article or if I think of something that I might want to tweet a little bit later, I’ll throw that into Buffer and Buffer will automatically tweet that out at the times that I previously set.

Why is this useful? Why is that really cool? Basically, I’m a heavy Twitter user. I’ve been on the service for six years. I have tens of thousands of tweets and it’s really easy for me to send out a bunch of tweets at once. When I do my reading in the morning and I read those interesting articles in my Feedly account, which we’ll touch on in another episode, rather than as I’m reading articles sharing them it’s much more … I’m going to get more attention if I spread those out throughout the day. The people who might be Twitter users at night don’t miss out on articles. Twitter users in the morning won’t miss out on anything. The people in the middle of the day won’t miss out. I’m spreading those links throughout the day.

That’s very useful because it lets you reach your broader audience and be less annoying so the people in the morning don’t see you post 10 different articles back to back and see your name throughout their feed. You can target different audiences if you spread that kind of stuff out. Buffer is really cool they support Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and app.net which are the top four social networks for sharing links, I would say.

It’s very powerful. Not only do I share links, like I said before I read things on Feedly every morning. Not only do I share those articles but also if I come up with a joke or something or something that I want to tweet, a thought, but don’t want to tweet it right now, I can throw it into Buffer really quickly. You can also Buffer re-tweets. If you something that you like and you want to re-tweet it but you think it might go over better if you send it out later, Buffer allows you to do that.

Buffer works through the web interface. You can sign in at bufferapp.com and share your links and share your tweets and whatnot or they have a Chrome extension and the Chrome extension is fantastic and it’s totally worth downloading. What that lets you do is that if you’re on a page right on that page you can click Buffer and it will popup a little window and let you compose the tweet that you want to send out and choose which networks you want it to go out on. That Buffer extension also integrates with a ton of websites.

If you’re a Reddit user you’re going to see a new option to Buffer a post on Reddit. If you’re a Facebook user there’s an option to Buffer something that you saw on Facebook. Just all kind of different services are supported here. This is one of my favorite things about Buffer is that they do so tightly integrate with all these different services. Reddit and Facebook, they also have a connection with If This Then That, which is a service I’ll talk about at another point, but basically what that lets me do is say that every time that I star or save an article in Feedly it will automatically add that to my Buffer which is fantastic.

One of the downsides is that if you’re a free user they only allow you to have 10 items in your Buffer at any given time. I have to go through everyday and add more content if things are out. They’re good about sending you an email to say hey, your Buffer’s empty. You should probably add more to it. They let you have one team member on your free account so you can have an assistant or a friend working together to Buffer things. If you go for their awesome  plan which is about $10 a month, a little bit less if you pay every year. You can have up to two team members. You can have unlimited items in your Buffer and they support up to 12 social profiles in the awesome plan. I wasn’t able to find exactly what their limit is on the free account, but if you’re just using the account for yourself then you can have your Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn or whatever and you won’t hit any limits.

Buffer is fantastic. Their support is great on Twitter: @Buffer and their founder, Joel Gascoigne (I think I said that right) is awesome too. He’s someone you can reach out to on Twitter and he’s very attentive. The whole team is fantastic. They have a great blog and I just can’t say enough good things about Buffer. Check that out. It’s a service for sharing content on social media. BufferApp.com. I highly recommend it.

Once again, I have been Chris Van Patten. This has been the Wrapp Up and I hope you give Buffer a try. Let me know what you think in the comments in the site and otherwise, I will talk to you next week.

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