Automate your digital life with IFTTT (If This Then That)

Find yourself doing simple tasks constantly? Want to save yourself time and remove tedious tasks from your day-to-day routine? You can try hiring a virtual assistant, but a cheaper (free!) and easier solution might be to try out IFTTT (If This Then That) a web service that helps you automate your digital life.

IFTTT helps you automate your life
IFTTT helps you automate your life

I love IFTTT because it takes care of things I might otherwise forget. I use IFTTT to back up my Instagram photos, automatically add new blog posts to Buffer so they are shared later, and more. It’s an awesome way to get simple tasks off your todo list so you don’t have to think about them. It’s one of the best tools in my arsenal. I love to automate as much as possible, and this app simplifies the heck out of it.

Below, you’ll find audio and an edited transcript (prepared by Rev, my favourite audio transcription app) of this week’s episode.


Automate your digital life with IFTTT – Transcript

Hello, hello, hello, hello, hello. Good evening. Good evening and welcome to Wrapp Up. That’s Wrapp with two P’s, because on this show we talk about apps and web services and fun little things that you can us to improve your life and improve your business and just have more fun.

This week I want to talk about a web service called If This Than That. What If This Than That does, is it basically lets you create automation recipes for the web. For instance, you can create a recipe that says every time I post something to by blog, I want you to post about it on Twitter or I want you to track every time I save something to my delicious bookmarks and tweet the link. Things like that. If This Than That is a really great way to automate your digital life.

Just to give the overview, basically, If This Than That has channels. These channels are for different services or for apps and things like that. They have just under 70 channels, so they have things like Blogger, Buffer (which I’ve talked about before), BuzzFeed, Dropbox, RSS, HootSuite, Instagram, LInkedIn, all sorts of different things. These channels, you can either get content out of or you can put content into them or you can actions our of them or put them back in. You can do things like, for instance, you can use the … they have a package tracking channel. You could say, “every time the status of my package updates, I want you to send me a text message,” or “every time that I share a picture on Facebook, I want you to upload that to my Dropbox.” All sorts of really cool things. It basically makes it so you have to do less from day to day.

Some ways that I use that for example, I have something set up so it will tell me if there’s rain expected. It’ll check a weather forecast every morning and it will say, “Today we are expecting it’s going to be rainy out.” It’ll send me a text. That way I know that I need to have my umbrella handy that day. Anytime that I post a new blog, that gets automatically sent into Buffer. If I save an article on Feedly, that will also go to Buffer. When I post something to Instagram, it backs it up on Flicker. It also backs it up in Dropbox. You can do all sorts of really cool things like that.

They keep adding recipes all the time. I think they just added a few this week actually. All sorts of different channels. There’s a New York Times channel, so it can notify you if there’s news in a certain category or it can email you something, a certain article every morning.

They also have integration with hardware, which is really cool. For example, if you have the WeMo (a type of home automation system from Belkin), if you use their motion sensor and if somebody passes the motion sensor, you can have that send you a text message so you know if somebody’s breaking into your house or something like that.

It’s free, completely free, and you can set up as many recipes as you like.

They also have pre-established recipes that people can make public and you can share your recipes. That’s a really great way to login and get ideas for other ways you can automate your life. I’m seeing here, automatically save gmail attachments to my Google Drive. Really cool. Whenever I add something to Pocket, which is a service for saving articles, you can have it automatically generate a PDF and send it into Dropbox. All sorts of really cool things like this. They have timers and clocks. You can get notifications at a certain time of day. You can send your Google Calendar events to different places. Just all sorts of really, really cool things.

Check this out, If This Than That. It’s completely free with no restrictions and it’s a great way to automate simple tasks that you do online.

All right. I have been Chris Van Patten. This has been the Wrapp Up. I hope you join us next week for even more great app tips.

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