Notes from WordCamp Halifax 2018

I was thrilled to be asked back to WordCamp Halifax this year, after having spoken at last year’s inaugural event. This year, I spoke about Gutenberg (which I’m using to write this post), and our experience of choosing Gutenberg and building for a Gutenberg world. The talk was more philosophy and anecdote than step-by-step coding […]

Notes from WordCamp Halifax 2017

I was so happy to be part of the first ever¬†WordCamp Halifax last weekend, speaking about a topic near to my heart: making WordPress development suck less. I also debuted a new technique for “wrapping” WordPress inside a Slim Framework core (you could easily adapt this for other frameworks too). Below are the slides from […]

Hello, my name is… Content Marketing

Content marketing is a nebulous topic. In a talk I gave tonight at the Houston WordPress Meetup, I discussed what content marketing is, how it’s actually nothing new, what makes great content, and how to develop (and refine) your own content marketing process. Thanks to the Houston WordPress Meetup group for hosting me. I appreciate […]

Notes from WordCamp Hamilton 2015

I was very excited to have the opportunity to speak at WordCamp Hamilton last weekend. I know a number of folks from the Toronto and Buffalo WordPress communities, so Hamilton was a great opportunity to see those folks plus meet some new faces. My talk, “The WordPress-Powered Startup,” was about developing a startup software product/app […]