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Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 16.55.41Hey there Actor Therapy students!

Thanks for listening to me blab at you about this stuff. If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to get in touch. I’m happy to help however I can!

Now, on with the resources…

Domain names

It’s absolutely essential that you own your own domain name. This is the basis of your Internet identity, and you don’t want it going to someone else!

Here’s where you can buy:

Avoid GoDaddy at all costs. Their business practices are sketchy and they’re hard to work with.

Website builders

I’m a big fan of single-page sites for actors, especially when you’re still at the start of your career. They’re easy to maintain, attractive, and cheap.

  • — These guys basically started the whole single-page personal site concept. It’s a great product. Check it out.
  • — This service is similar to, and maybe slightly more customisable. I’m a fan.

If you think you need something more involved (you probably don’t, but if you think you do) these are some great options:

  • Wix — Cheap and easy. Don’t use the Flash-only options. No matter how pretty they are. They’re not my favourite from an SEO (search engine optimisation) standpoint, but they’re worth a look anyway.
  • SquareSpace — Not as cheap, but the sites look great, and they’re very expandable.
  • — Slightly less customisable (unless you know CSS), but search engines ♥ WordPress, and it’s easy to export into your own site when you’re ready to go fully custom.

Social media

  • Buffer is a great option for free, scheduled social media management. Make sure you continue to reply and engage; don’t rely on Buffer for everything!
  • IFTTT will let you easily create “recipes” that make things happen automatically. For example, you can trigger a tweet every time you post a new article to your website. Very useful for automating social media!
  • KnowEm lets you see if your desired username is available on a whole bunch of social media websites.

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