A podcast listener wearing headphones on a busy city street

Track podcast downloads as Google Analytics events with this free PHP script

A podcast listener wearing headphones on a busy city street
This is a potential podcast listener… do you have the stats to prove it?
As regular readers of this website know, I host a few podcasts, including Wrapp Up (a podcast about awesome apps) and Not a Real Job (a podcast about digital marketing).

While we get great subscriber stats through FeedPress and great website analytics through Google Analytics there was still no single place to see how many people had downloaded a given episode of the show. FeedPress offers download stats, but only for episodes downloaded via the RSS feed; anyone casually listening on the website would be ignored.

I knew there had to be a solution, so my friend Nick Sampsell and I cooked up this cool little script that triggers events every time your listeners download a file. We call it Downloadalytics, and it’s free on Github.

Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 07.36.29Each file gets its own entry in Google Analytics, so you can easily track which files are the most popular.

There are full instructions on the Downloadalytics Github page that should walk you through the basic setup of the script. I’ve included comments in the source code that should help as well.

If you need more specific help, we are available to install the script as well, for $200 per install. You can get in touch at the Van Patten Media website, and we’ll be in touch ASAP to help!

photo credit: Kris Krug via photopin cc

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