Theatre cuts

The Buffalo News reported today that Erie County commissioner Chris Collins is planning to slash funding for culturals in next year’s budget, specifically noting:

[…] his budget would end county dollars for, among others, the Alleyway Theater, the Irish Classical Theatre Company and Shakespeare in Delaware Park, one of the nation’s largest free outdoor Shakespeare festivals. In fact, no theater companies are among Collins’ 10 recipients.


There are few excuses for this action (Jennifer Smith is right to call the cuts “unacceptableEdit: well, she did call them unacceptable, looks like she’s password-protected the post) but it needs to serve as a cautionary tale for other companies in Buffalo and elsewhere…

These cuts are just the beginning.

Either do a better job of educating the public about the impact your organization has, making a case for the public money (the Greater Buffalo Cultural Alliance is quoted in the News article to this effect, but doesn’t have a website with stats, numbers, etc.) or change your business model to a self-sufficient one that can separate you from the need for public money.

Any other path will inevitably lead to disaster.

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