Process Handbook: easier, faster outsourcing to a virtual team

I outsource quite a bit to my virtual assistant. Posting podcast episodes, updating WordPress, managing social media… there are a lot of varied tasks that she handles for me (with aplomb, I should add). But what happens when she has to quit? Or what if she’s unavailable for a week? I’ve spent a lot of […]

3 Tips To Help Aspiring Virtual Assistants Get Hired

My last post about hiring a virtual assistant has proved to be one of my most popular, so I decided to revisit the topic from the other side of the coin. If you’re an aspiring virtual assistant, you know the competition is fierce. There are tens of thousands of people competing for the same jobs, […]

Hiring your first Virtual Assistant

Ever since Joel introduced me to FancyHands, I’ve been hooked on delegating. For the uninitiated, FancyHands is a service that connects you to a network of virtual assistants—all U.S. based—that can cater to your every whim (well, almost). Whether it’s doing research, scheduling appointments, or making calls for you, FancyHands assistants are ready to help […]